A review by a former student posted on Google Business search: "My name is Jeff and I took lessons from Mr. Mike for about four years. I had always wanted to learn how to play but never found the time or the right situation. I found Mike Upchurch on line, called and went to his studio. I started lessons the next day and never really wanted to leave after that. Within a few lessons he had me actually playing songs! He took me through his program from the basics all the way to playing power chords , being very meticulous at every step making sure I knew how and why you did it a particular way. Over the years waiting to take my lessons I had the opportunity to watch him interact with a lot of students from eleven to fifty plus year olds, and he poured himself into each one. I would definitely recommend Mr. Mike to anyone, any age, if you want to learn how to play the guitar. Show up, put the practice in, and give it a little time, and I promise you'll be amazed with what you learn. You know to say he was a good guitar teacher doesn't do him justice. There is a reason I stayed past the completion of the program and that is he taught me a lot about myself. Through his encouragement I began to be able to sing along with the songs I was playing, which was a big thing. I learned how enjoyable playing music could be at the end of a long hard day. I learned a lot about how to write my own songs, which gave me a lot of satisfaction. It's amazing. You cross paths with a lot of people in your life but there are only a few that leave a great impression on you. Every time I pick up a guitar now I think of Mike Upchurch."

This are my musings, rants, and recommendations mostly on home recording or DAW work. There's no telling what I might feel inclined to write about! Click Mike's Blog at the top or click the picture at the left.

Here you will find audio samples of my recorded music, written, produced, recorded and edited by me, with help from friends and family. Click the Album 1 0r Album 2 tabs at the top or click the picture at left.

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I am NOT a music store. I am a retired school teacher with 36 years experience teaching English and Drama and tutoring elementary through college students. During the majority of those years I fronted my own weekend band as guitarist and lead singer. For the past eleven years I have taught guitar and LOVE it! I have the experience and the patience to teach you how to play guitar from beginner up to intermediate ability. Give me a call: 252-474-3990. You have nothing to lose as the first visit is free!


- IF you don't have the time to first read ALL of this page and HALF of the next page (Guitar Lessons") then don't contact me. Seriously.
- IF you do not have time to practice what I've taught you, do not call me.
- IF you are not age 13 or above, do not call me. Too many young ones (and a few older ones!) fall in love with the IDEA of being a guitar  player, and simply have no idea of the work that HAS to go into learning the skills. I need ONE HOUR PER DAY to get you playing guitar.
- IF you think you know more than your teacher and therefore are qualified to question my methods (though I acknowledge I certainly don't  know everything!)  please call someone else. I WILL ask you to make a four fingered C and F chord. I will also ask you to put your little  finger down on the guitar as a frame of  reference to your other fingers when plucking A SINGLE STRING NOTE OR A SERIES OF SINGLE  NOTES. If that bothers you, you have two choices: either tolerate my requests for around 12 lessons (after that I will likely give up asking)  and don't do them, or find another teacher. (Only one student made this an issue in 12 years. He's gone now.)
- IF you want to learn music notation find another teacher. Did you ever wonder why MOST guitarists on stage don't usually have notation charts in front of them? They have chord charts, like what we use. Guitarists who NEED notation are ones who want to join a band that uses sheet music, common in jazz, orchestral, and big band music, or someone learning how to play classical guitar,  or someone who wants to be a session/recording studio musician.
- IF you judge a book by its cover, call someone else. I let my hair grow during the pandemic and now have a pony-tail. Don't judge me for it.
- IF you want to learn quickly how to play and enjoy it without hours of scale playing and sight reading, I'm your guy. Give me a call.



​​Serving New Bern, N.C. and surrounding areas

For those who have attained the level of Intermediate guitar and want to continue learning with an emphasis on performing, click the Performance Guitar tab above or the picture at left.

For information regarding acoustic or electric guitar or bass lessons, click the guitar lessons page tab or the picture at left. 

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                                              WHAT IS HERE:

 I have the advantage of having TWO SEPERATE ROOMS with a door and a huge Plexiglas window between them. We will not breathe each others' air! The STUDENT must wear a mask to prevent themselves from breathing a previous student's breath vapor, now deemed dangerous per CDC findings, and to slow the amount of vapor they are exhaling. The student will sit in one room facing me in the other. We will both have music stands with lights before us.  We will each have a microphone, yours with a different foam screen with your initials on it to use. We will BOTH have our microphones and guitars plugged into the same PA system. We will each have a PA monitor speaker to hear the same sound. Not perfect, but a pretty safe and good sounding system. I just finished a 3 hour jam session with a buddy and was pleasantly surprised how well this works.
The rooms will be cooled by an air conditioner before you arrive, then the door between the rooms will be closed during warm weather. (During cooler temps we will each have a heater.) About 30 minutes after you leave (to allow aerosolized droplets to fall to the floor) I will wipe down with disinfectant the doorknobs, stool, music stand, light, microphone, cable end to your guitar, etc. This is a pretty safe plan to not transmit the Coronavirus. My wife has COPD, and thus I am more than open for suggestions as to how to keep us all safe in this tragic time that, apparently, will persist for a couple years.